Shelley Richardson

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Form and function should be joined in a spiritual union

Frank Lloyd Wright

I love this quote, it is the essence of what I aim to achieve with my designs.  

I have enjoyed making things since I was very young. I love the intricacy and permanence of jewellery. To make something unique gives me great pleasure. 

I studied at the Birmingham School of Jewellery and Silversmithing for 3 years specialising in diamond mounting using all the traditional methods. 

Since then, apart from a few extended adventures, I have more or less done just that.

I have sailed extensively in some wild and unspoilt places. I now live in rural Gloucestershire with my fiancé, the dog and my horse. 

I feel inspired living in such a beautiful place, I have found that it gives me the space and calm I need to work at my best.

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In my workshop

What people say

After 56 years of constant wear, my engagement ring completely collapsed so I took it to Shelley along with two eternity rings and a very precious ring which my Mother gave to me before she died. I asked Shelley to make all four into one ring to her design. I am now the proud owner of a beautiful piece of jewellery which combines many wonderful memories. Shelley made the whole experience enjoyable and showed great expertise. I could not be happier.
I approached Shelley as I realised I had a few items in my jewellery box which didn’t see the light of day. I was determined to end up with a few beautiful pieces that I could wear and enjoy everyday and was so thrilled by the whole experience with Shelley. From the initial chats to design through to the excitement of the finished articles, I couldn’t recommend her highly enough! Thank you Shelley, for all the sensitivity and flair you put into my new heirlooms.
Shelley was extremely approachable and open to ideas. She doodled various sketches and quickly established what would suit my hand, lifestyle and budget! The end result was outstanding and the quality of the workmanship exceptional.
Thank you so much for what you've created, I am absolutely thrilled - the ring is just as I had imagined it (and more), is much admired and barely leaves my hand.
I love my beautiful engagement ring, Shelley. A very special ring made by a very special talented lady. Thank you so much.
County Durham

My work

Jewellery Shelley Richardson

I have many customers who have returned over the years, some are now in the next generation.

I work with both antique and modern jewellery, doing everything from renovation to repairs and new commissions.

My work starts with a simple conversation. I usually do sketches so we understand each other’s thoughts. 

It may be an engagement ring using gemstones and gold from a family heirloom which can then be passed on to the next generation or simply a new design for a change of style.


I have a large selection of wedding ring samples to help you decide what you would like, I often make shaped rings to fit around an existing ring and sometimes add diamonds for a bit of sparkle.

For instance I might make an odd earring into a bracelet or pendant, alternatively I may convert a brooch into a clasp for a string of pearls or a tie pin into a ring. I enjoy using my imagination to adapt old, unworn or broken jewellery into a new piece. 

comm20_ring 2

Unique designs

I work with you one-to-one from start to finish. 

My aim is to find a stylish and practical solution to suit your needs and expectations.  Sometimes I work with sketches but it always starts with a chat.

Many of my customers come to me because they like the idea of using gifted gold or gemstones from jewellery no longer worn, in this way the sentiment and history of the piece is once more woven back into the design.

Not to mention that this can help with a tight budget if required.

You will find some of these stories behind the finished pieces in ‘my work’.


Ethically sourced

Whenever possible, I melt down and reuse old gold.  

I also buy ‘Single Mine Origin’ gold from the bullion supplier I have used since the 1970s, so I know it’s been ethically produced.  

I often have old gemstones repolished or recut to bring back their original sparkle.

New gemstones are sourced from my favourite, reputable suppliers who can trace their origins.


Any questions?

You may be surprised to hear that it needn’t be expensive.

A simple ring or altering an existing piece can cost as little as £100.

A custom piece made from scratch with new or recut stones can cost £1,000 or more,  depending on the amount of work involved. 

A budget to work to is very helpful: I can then tell you if it is realistic and I will work to that. 

I will always give you a quote before I begin work. 

What ever you require it will definitely be less expensive than a high street jeweller as there’s no middleman and I don’t have large overheads.

If it’s a small job, possibly a week or two at the most. 

For a more complex piece it could take 6 – 8 weeks once the design is agreed and I have all the materials. 

As I work alone, my workload does vary though, so … if you have a special occasion coming up it helps if I have enough notice to make sure your piece is ready on time.

No you definitely don’t!

I will take you through a decision process – asking questions along the way – guiding you to a final design.

I will then show or send you pictures of examples and do some sketches if appropriate, working towards your budget if you have one.