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A surprise engagement ring

A contemporary platinum diamond ring created from a grandmother’s brooch

Shelley was the first person I thought of to help me design and make the perfect ring! She was wonderful at showing me examples of designs and the various ways the diamonds could be mounted on the ring. As the diamonds were quite pillow shaped we decided to mount them in a way that they were slightly enveloped by the ring, but was still able to get a lovely sparkle in the light. I described how I wanted the two rings to combine together and Shelley drew exactly what we both pictured it to look like.

It was a truly wonderful experience working with Shelley to design two truly unique and beautiful rings that my wife absolutely adores!


This lucky young man was given some beautiful cushion cut diamonds by his grandmother so they could be used in a design for a surprise engagement ring.

The stones were from a brooch she no longer wore. He wanted a contemporary sculptural style, but practical enough to be worn everyday.

As the cushion cut stones were varied in shape and size, we decided this radical design would work well. She said yes (and loved the ring! )  … so a few months later I designed a shaped wedding ring to complement the original design.