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Four rings from one

an old engagement ring, two eternity rings and a mother’s ring

After 56 years of constant wear, my engagement ring completely collapsed so I took it to Shelley Richardson, I also took two eternity rings and a very precious ring which my Mother gave to me before she died, and asked Shelley to incorporate all four into one ring to her design.This was a very difficult thing to do without making the design too heavy and she accomplished it brilliantly, and I am now the proud possessor of a beautiful piece of jewellery which combines three wonderful memories into one and which I can wear all the time and remember all three special people. Shelley made the process happy and enjoyable and showed great expertise in her craft. I could not be happier.


Using her beautiful but broken solitaire ring, 2 diamond eternity rings and a diamond cluster of her mothers, my customer asked me to design her just one big ring so she could wear all her much loved jewellery together.

The setting needed to be large to take all the diamonds so I cut away lot of the platinum underneath to let more light in, reduce the weight and give added detail to the otherwise plain back and inside of the ring.

As the diamonds in the shank were large and deep, I suggested small diamonds were set into flat sides of the shank for added interest.

It’s not often I have the chance to use so many of my skills making one ring.