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Wrap-over ring

ruby and diamond wrap over ring

Thank you so much for what you’ve created, I am absolutely thrilled – the ring is just as I had imagined it (and more), is much admired and barely leaves my hand.


This customer brought me her much loved but worn out engagement, eternity and wedding rings, which I had made for her many years before, and a ruby and diamond ring which had belonged to her mother.

A lot of thought went into the this design, it is brimming with emotion.

She wanted the bands, like her memories, interwoven into one ring. The gold from her original three rings was melted down to create the new yellow gold bands, with platinum bands added to create a contrast. The ruby, which was recut to remove the chips and scratches, and lots of the diamonds were added to create a striking effect. As it was going to be quite a wide ring, I made up a silver one first for her to try.

You may notice the tiny emerald, tucked away in a setting at the side. This was from her original engagement ring, she was keen for this to be included for sentimental reasons. 

The remaining stones are being kept for a ring for her daughter in the future.